Operating from a 31 acre facility located in Nisku, Alberta, our pipe yard is the envy of the area. No “good/new” pipe sitting on the ground, no random piles of untraceable inventory, we take pride in what we do. Using the industry standard Pelican Tallys! Inventory management system, and storing for some of the largest suppliers in the industry, we cater to both on demand programs and large scale projects serving everywhere from the Ontario border in the east to the Arctic Ocean.
From basic 8RD H40 material to highly specialized chromium pipe with premium connections, we have the experience and the equipment to make sure your inventory is handled in a safe and effective manner. Our loaders are never more than three years old, and are always equipped with OCTG specific grapples, which means no accidentally dropped and damaged inventory, and efficient loading and unloading, every time.
Our facility also includes a CP Rail spur which can handle up to 8 railcars at a single time, and our spur is serviced 7 days/week. Partnering with an engineering firm, we have also designed our own certified equipment to facilitate de-stuffing of sea containers. Road or rail, we can handle your

Our modern fleet of purposely built and in-house rigged tractors, winch tractors and picker trucks are capable of handling just about anything that comes our way. Sandy’s Oilfield Hauling may have started as a hotshot service with a single pickup, but since those early days we have grown in both size and experience and we regularly haul loads ranging anywhere between 1 and 100,000lbs. Rental equipment, OCTG material, full camps, directional tools, dewatering and underbalance equipment, it would be easier to list what we don’t haul. We have even hauled tanks and fighter jets!
We welcome your inquiries concerning our capabilities, and we are always happy to provide a quote for a single job or a bid for a large project.

Our equipment list is constantly changing as we replace older equipment or add to our existing fleet to meet new demands. Generally, our equipment list includes:
15 picker trucks ranging in size from 5-25 tons
20 winch tractors
5 straight tractors
2 one ton hotshot trucks c/w gooseneck trailers
3 pilot vehicles
A variety of trailers including aluminum highboys, floats, trombone step-decks, 18 wheel low-boys, jeeps, boosters, etc.